WP Automatic 3.54.2 - Tự động lấy tin


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WP Automatic là plugin Premium WordPress có thể tự động lấy nội dung giúp bạn cập nhật các bài đăng từ nhiều nguồn khác nhau sang WordPress một cách tự động. Plugin này có thể đăng các bài báo được nhắm mục tiêu chất lượng, Amazon Products, Clickbank Products, Youtube Videos, Vimeo videos , DailyMotion videos, Feeds posts, eBay auctions, Flicker images, Instagram Images, Pinterest pins,Reddits ,Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist classifieds, Itunes apps / songs / ebooks / movies/ podcasts và bài hát SoundCloud một cách tự động.

Một số tính năng Plugin Automatic

  • Add posts with it’s original time: Thời gian đăng bài giống với thời gian gốc
  • Skip posts with no content : Bỏ qua bài viết nếu không có nội dung
  • Skip posts if shorter than a specific length: Bỏ qua bài viết nếu bài đó ngắn hơn con số bạn định, ví dụ bài nào dưới 300 ký tự thì không lấy
  • Skip posts without images: Bỏ qua bài viết không có hình ảnh
  • Post type: Loại bài đăng, có thể là page hoặc post, nhưng thông thường là Post
  • Post posts to this category: Bài viết lấy về sẽ đăng vào chuyên mục nào
  • Keyword to category: Thêm từ khóa cho danh mục
  • Posts author: Chọn tác giả cho bài đăng
  • New post status: Bài đăng về sẽ nằm ở dạng nào, Đăng ngay, chờ duyệt,…
  • Strip original links from the post (hyperlinks): Xóa bỏ các link có trong bài viết
Version History:

Version 3.54.2 (15 November 2021)
- Fix: Facebook back to import images after new changes

Version 3.54.1 (9 November 2021)
- Fix: Amazon price extraction now works with recent changes from Amazon

Version 3.54.0 (3 November 2021)
- NEW: JavaScript support for Single/Multi-page scraper/Feeds
- NEW: Pinterest skip pins with no title

Version 3.53.6 (18 October 2021)
- Fix: amazon without API and EzineArticles recent changes handled
- New: option to skip posts longer than a specific length

Version 3.53.5 (26 September 2021)
- Fix: Youtube fixed invalidPageToken error

Version 3.53.4 (20 September 2021)
- Fix: Craigslist back to work with major improvements and full Woo support
- Updated: Deepl free API can now be used on the plugin settings page
- Fix: Adjust numeric values option now can adjust values containing a comma
- Fix: List of languages updated for Deepl

Version 3.53.3 (23 August 2021)
- Urgent: Fix of a core bug, all users must upgrade to this version
- Fix: Facebook removal of translation links of group posts

Version 3.53.2 (31 July 2021)
- NEW: PolyLang plugin full support
- Fix: Facebook updated to fix not logged in for EU users
- Fix: Amazon extra part on the description CDATA now fixed
- Fix: CareerJet now save the sorting option as date

Version 3.53.1 (3 July 2021)
- Fix: Instagram posting back to work
- Fix: Facebook posting from events now get end date again

Version 3.53.0 (28 May 2021)
- NEW: option to adjust numeric values e.g: increase returned price
- Fix: SoundCloud module updated to work again after new changes
- Fix: Facebook pinned post now get skipped
- Fix: Facebook events now return the date
- Fix: Facebook option to skip shared posts now works
- Fix: Amazon books now get imported with more details
- Improved: new user nick name from display name when creating a user

Version 3.52.0 (5 April 2021)
- NEW: Multi-page scraper now supports Infinite scroll
- Fix: TikTok posting from a specific user back to work

Version 3.51.5 (22 March 2021)
- Fix: FB empty images issue sorted
- Fix: FB videos back to embed normally
- Fix: Multi-page scraper Fixed pattern next page URL now supports negative steps

Version 3.51.4 (6 March 2021)
- Fix: eBay updated to support new links format
- NEW: Youtube safe search option added
- NEW: Google translate now supports Traditional Chinese

Version 3.51.2 (24 February 2021)
- Fix: Facebook now reports when a cookie is a must
- NEW: Reddit video embeds now supports sound
- Fix: TikTok can now import by keyword normally
- Fix: TikTok can now set the featured image if cache is disabled as well

Version 3.51.1 (4 February 2021)
- Fix: Facebook posting from groups now back to work normally

Version 3.51.0 (31 January 2021)
- NEW: Now supports TikTok
- NEW: Japanese and Chinese languages added to Deepl option
- NEW: Youtube option to limit search to videos that have closed captions
- Fix: PHP 8 support
- Fix: Facebook import corrections
- Fix: Microsfot translate now works with any region, region code must be added

Versin 3.50.12 (18 December 2020)
- Urgent Fix: Amazon posting without API _c url error message sorted
- NEW: Option to limit processing time for each campaign
- NEW: Multi-page scraper option to skip posts older than a specific date
- NEW: Reddit tag item_nsfw returns yes or no
- Fix: Feeds visual selector now works if multiple feed URLs are used

Versin 3.50.11 (8 December 2020)
- Important: SoundCloud now back to fully work
- NEW: Option to set default values for tags that will return empty
- NEW: Facebook option to skip posts shared from other posts
- NEW: content only added to search and replace option
- Fix: Facebook events place_name non-latin chars fix
- Fix: Facebook now can get full posts from profiles
- Fix: eBay hong kong and Singabore links fix
- Fix: Reddit now accept URLs that contain parameters
- Fix: Instagram popular images instead of recent for USA servers
- Improved: serialized arrays on custom fields can now have tags

Version 3.50.10 (11 November 2020)
- NEW: Feeds/Multi-page option to skip following JS redirects
- Fix: Facebook module updated to fully work with the new UI
- Fix: Feeds/Multi-page fix for relative links when a base URL exists

Version 3.50.9 (24 October 2020)
- Fix: Facebook back to partially work for pages and profiles, other features to work on coming release
- Fix: Multi-page scraper random posts order now corrected
- Fix: Set the post to pending when featured image was missing now works with FIFO plugin

Version 3.50.8 (30 September 2020)
- Fix: eBay module updated to work with the official eBay finding API
- Fix: Twitter auto title now do not have links when expand url option is active

Version 3.50.7 (14 September 2020)
- Temporary patch: FB now works better (full description/image sizes) till complete revamp

Version 3.50.6 (2 September 2020)
- Urgent: Instagram updated to work again after recent changes
- NEW: Youtube option to post live videos only
- NEW: Twitter option to expand short links
- Improved: Feed original time if higher than current time, now get ignored
- Fix: Amazon add to cart link now uses https instead of http
- Fix: Amazon API search indexes got updated
- Fix: Amazon no API ebook image extraction now works

Version 3.50.5 (13 August 2020)
- Fix: UI now compatible with WordPress 5.5

Version 3.50.4 (12 August 2020)
- Fix: Amazon featured image using API sometimes did not work
- Fix: Amazon posting without API now returns the image when posting from amazon.com.au
- Fix: Strip original links from the post now leaves twitter embed links

Version 3.50.3 (19 July 2020)
- Fix: Amazon featured image using API sometimes did not work
- Fix: Amazon posting without API now returns the image when posting from amazon.com.au
- Fix: Stip original links from the post now leaves twitter embed links
- Fix: Translation algorithm improvements
- Fix: FB links import from RTL pages now works
- Fix: Removed [review_iframe] from Amazon campaigns and imported amazon posts

Version 3.50.2 (1 July 2020)
- Fix: Settings page checkboxes now get saved
- Fix: Single page scraper can now remove by ID/Class without issues
- Fix: Youtube [vid_date] tag now returns the date considering the site timezone
- Fix: WPML tag now get added to the correct language tags
- Fix: Instagram now displays an error if the session is expired
- Improved: Youtube tags as WordPress tags now uses the official API

Version 3.50.1 (24 June 2020)
- Fix: Google translate auto-detect method now work normally it returned Array Array

Version 3.50.0 (22 June 2020)
- NEW: Multi-page scraper can now post from a list of posts URLs
- NEW: Option Add posts with its original time for multi-page scraper
- NEW: Careerjet new tag [source_site_name]
- Fix: Google translate back to work
- Fix: Facebook now imports up to 4 images again from the post
- Fix: Reddit imgur and gfycat gifs/videos now get embeded
- Fix: Feeds Single quotes now get replaced by double quotes
- Fix: Feeds/Multi-page scraper relative path correction for images now works better
- Fix: Instagram now imports all images if cached is enabled as well
- Fix: Envato affiliate URL now get correctly set for Woo products
- Fix: Careerjet now can grab the full description
- Fix: Youtube original tags extraction now back to work
- Fix: Youtube published after specific date now back to work